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News / Startups - 4 weeks ago

Fintech XMAS Meetup at Saxo Bank Trading Lounge

In the last meetup of the year we took the chance for reviewing our work and the situation of fintech and startups in Switzerland. Besides looking back we already turned our focus forward with new plans for 2019. Thanks to Innosuisse our...

News / Startups - 2 months ago

Payrexx übernimmt CASHLINK Kunden

Payrexx AG fociert Wachstum mit der Kundenübernahme der CASHLINK Payments GmbH. Das Thuner Softwareunternehmen Payrexx AG stellt im vierten Quartal des Jahres die Weichen auf weiteres Wachstum. Wie das Unternehmen heute bekannt gab, wurde der Kundens...

News / Startups - 4 months ago

Smart Valor Accepted as a Financial Intermediary

Press Release:  SMART VALOR AG, a Swiss-based blockchain startup, announced that, following acceptance as a Financial Intermediary by a SRO in Switzerland, it will be launching the VALOR Platform in Q4 2018. The VALOR Platform will be a first global...

News / Startups - 4 months ago

Fintech Tour

High-level delegation from Guangdong, China meets #fintech #theSwissway On August 16th 2018 Swiss Finance Startups was welcoming a delegation of high-ranking official of the Chinese province Guangdong which is located on the South China...

News / Startups - 5 months ago

Crowdhouse is hiring!

Go directly to Crowdhouse’s Recruiter Box The post Crowdhouse is hiring! appeared first on Swiss Finance Startups.