9 Upcoming Fintech Events In Switzerland to Mark in your Calendar


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9 Upcoming Fintech Events In Switzerland to Mark in your Calendar


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As fintech continues to gain momentum, several events are scheduled to take place later this year in Switzerland to discuss the hottest trends in the sector including peer-to-peer lending, robo-advisors, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

These events all aim to provide a platform for industry stakeholders to meet and connect, and will bring together fintech startups, entrepreneurs, financial institutions and policy makers to discuss the future of finance.

Here’s a list of some of the key fintech events that will take place in the coming months in Switzerland.

Blockchain Valley Conference

Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon, Zurich

June 13, 2017

Blockchain Valley Conference

IBM Research, Swiss Re and the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute have joined forces to organize the Blockchain Valley Conference, an event aimed at connecting networks of blockchain research and practice with thought leaders and decision makers from society, business and the media.

The event will approach the blockchain topic from different points of view at and will cover several topics including technology and innovation, business, and society.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association Town Hall

Impact Hub – Loft Corner, Zurich

June 21, 2017

Swiss Finance + Technology Association Town Hall

The inaugural Swiss Finance + Technology Association Town Hall event will take place on June 21 in Zurich and will consist of a 90 min evening workshop for the association’s members, volunteers and the board to share progress on their initiatives.

As the Swiss Finance + Technology Association is growing fast, the event is aimed at strengthening levels of commitment and increasing the quality of what the association can deliver towards internal and external stakeholders.

Summer Social Event – Swiss FinteCH Meetup (Zurich)

Impact Hub, Zurich

June 21, 2017

Summer Social Event

The Summer Social Event, an annual tradition by the Swiss FinteCH Meetup group, will gather fintech enthusiasts and experts to connect and socialize around drinks before the summer break.


Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva

June 22, 2017


FinDating proposes a unique networking opportunity to meet and develop synergies with a wide range of financial professionals based in the Canton of Geneva. The event is targeted at private bankers, independent wealth managers, multi family offices, financial advisors and high net worth individuals.

The theme of this edition is ‘FinTech: “New technology for a digital finance: exchange your perspective!”‘

Findating will end with an after-business party during which all the exhibitors, sponsors and attendees will have the opportunity to share contacts and ideas in a very sophisticated atmosphere, enjoying food, champagne, music and an exclusive fashion show.

The event is reserved only to qualified investors. The admission is free.

Hackathon: “Gaming on the Blockchain”

Route de Drize 7, Carouge

June 22, 2017

Hackathon- Gaming on the Blockchain

The Hackathon: Gaming on the blockchain will focus on creating a game (or any simple service) using blockchain tokens to allow users to unlock new features. Participants will need to connect a user account to a blockchain wallet to offer them the true ownership of digital assets.

The purpose of this hackathon is to discover how Counterparty assets, Ethereum ERC20 tokens, or any other blockchain technology can enrich users’ experience.

The event is open to any developer, game designer or anyone who would like to take part in this unique experience.

Artificial Intelligence – The next revolution without options

ETH Zurich

June 27, 2017

Artificial Intelligence - The next revolution without options

Artificial Intelligence – The next revolution without options is set to be a unique event gathering several global leaders to share their insights on AI. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate on some of the most burning issues on AI. Which are currently the biggest identified risks, what are the causes and the consequences and can we mitigate them respectively. What can be done today or tomorrow?

Confirmed speakers include representatives from IBM and Google, among other leading firms.

Swiss Fintech Day 2017

Startup Space, Schlieren

September 04, 2017

Swiss Fintech Day 2017

The Swiss Fintech Day 2017 is scheduled on September 04 and will feature Swiss businessman and politician Johann N. Schneider-Ammann.

More information should be released soon.

Finance 2.0 Crypto ’17

Kaufleuten Zurich

September 14, 2017

Finance 2.0 Crypto '17

Finance 2.0 Crypto ’17 will be an event entirely dedicated to the world of Bitcoin, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

While Bitcoin is still the most popular digital currency, many different alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) have been attracting considerable amounts of capital. Because of this ever-growing interest in digital currencies, the goal of this conference is to discuss their long-term capabilities and impact.

On September 14, 2017, leading experts will come together to talk about these topics and tackle some of the most urging issues surrounding cryptocurrencies at Kaufleuten Zürich.

Finance 2.0 Insurtech ’17

Kosmos, Zurich

October 24, 2017

Finance 2.0 Insurtech 17

As insurtech shakes up the insurance industry, Finance 2.0 Insurtech ’17 aims to act as a platform connecting the traditional insurance sector with new tech-enabled entrants.

The conference will cover some of the hottest trends in insurtech including blockchain technology, and the Internet-of-Things, among many others.

Did we missed an important one? Please contact us, we are happy to hear from you and support your event.

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