Fintech for Good: Finyard CEO, Dmitrij Pruglo’s Vision for Positive Impact


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Technology has long been a catalyst for positive change. From the printing press increasing literacy, to vaccines eradicating disease, to the internet connecting people across borders, humanity’s inventions have aimed to improve lives.

FinTech is no different. Mobile payments bring financial services to the unbanked. Digital advisors make investing accessible to all. Blockchain allows to transfer monetary values in matter of seconds and digitalize ownership of almost any physical asset. The potential for technology to spread prosperity knows no bounds.

Yet purpose must remain at the core. This is the Finyard mission. Without ethical guidance, technological progress can falter. Profit can eclipse people. Convenience can compromise conscience.

FinTech making a difference

Technology has already fundamentally improved our daily life.

  • Email allows instant communication across the globe for free, strengthening connections.
  • Ridesharing services like Uber provide affordable, convenient urban transportation options.
  • Home rental platforms like Airbnb enable new income streams and foster cultural exchange.
  • Challenger banks like Revolut simplify money management, saving users time and fees.

These innovations have become so ingrained that it’s hard to imagine a world without them.

Finyard, an innovative software solutions provider, seeks to build on the countless examples of how applications and services are already making a meaningful, tangible difference improving lives across the globe. These existing FinTech solutions inspire Finyard’s vision of positive technological change, including:

  • Microlending platforms that empower entrepreneurs in developing nations to access capital and grow their businesses. This stimulates economic activity and creates jobs.
  • Automated advice services that lower the barriers to investing, allowing anyone to grow their wealth, promoting financial inclusivity.
  • Biometric ID systems that give refugees without documentation access to financial services. This provides stability and safety for vulnerable populations.
  • Mobile wallets that allow the unbanked to store and transfer funds securely using just their phones, increasing financial access.
  • Remittance services that enable inexpensive cross-border money transfers, helping support families back home.
  • Crowdfunding platforms that let socially conscious startups raise capital from a wider pool of investors.
  • Donation processing systems that provide transparency around how charitable contributions are used, building trust.
  • Compliance automation tools that help detect financial crimes to prevent money laundering and fraud.

While the FinTech industry already offers uplifting examples of positive technological change, Finyard seeks to leave its own unique and forward-thinking mark on driving human progress.

Pruglo’s vision

Dmitrij Pruglo

Dmitrij Pruglo

Dmitrij Pruglo, CEO of Finyard, understands this delicately balanced dichotomy. For him, FinTech presents a monumental opportunity to lift up humanity. But only if moral imperatives steer the ship.

Pruglo’s motivations stem from experience. Having experience from major financial institutions, he witnessed technology’s benefits firsthand. Transactions became seamless, costs plummeted, access widened.

Technology has seen investing apps evolve. Not only providing low-cost access to major financial markets, but also a wider range of assets, for investors to diversify their portfolios, and help improve returns. Innovation has made emerging markets, previously only accessible to hedge funds and major financial institutions, available to all.

FinTech apps have become more user-friendly, leading to the democratisation of the whole financial system. This has made it easier, even for the least tech-savvy people, to bank or invest, without even having to leave home. No more waiting in queues – technology allows us to save time, the most precious commodity we have.

Then there’s social investing or copy trading, which allow inexperienced users to profit from the global financial markets, simply by relying on the knowledge of more experienced investors, lowering the barrier to entry.

But he also saw how FinTech could do more. How applications could simplify lives beyond finances. How ethics could parallel efficiency.

This sparked an epiphany. Technological innovation and human progress need not be mutually exclusive. With conscientious leadership, FinTech could drive societal change, not just economic returns.

Pruglo realised companies like his possessed immense power – and responsibility. The solutions they created impacted millions. Their words resonated globally. From this privilege came the duty to speak for good.

Thus he vowed Finyard would blaze a trail, showcasing FinTech’s promise to propel humanity forward. Code became more than a competitive edge; it became a change agent.

Leading with purpose

This philosophy now embodies all Finyard pursues. For Pruglo, this constitutes enlightened self-interest. Doing good does well – rising tides lift all ships. But that should not be the incentive. As FinTech gains influence, its leaders must ask, “How can we help?” Progress means little if people are left behind.

Pruglo challenges our industry to live these ideals. To forge technology that serves humankind, not just shareholders. To measure success not by the numbers, but by the lives changed. To believe, as he does, that FinTech can make the world better.

A call to action

The industry must pledge itself to ethical innovation that lifts up lives. To judge success not by balance sheets, but by the light spread. To unleash FinTech’s full promise as a change agent.

FinTech harbours huge potential for human betterment. But only if people remain the priority. If so, a brighter future awaits. Dmitrij Pruglo and Finyard will lead the way. Who will join them?

Learn more at the official Finyard website.