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News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

Real Estate Meets Blockchain

Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has entered many industries including real estate where it promises increased efficiency and transparency. A blockchain is a digitized, distributed ledger that immutably records...

News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

Wealthtech In Switzerland: A short Overview

Overview of Wealthtech in Switzerland Wealthtech, a sub-category of fintech which involves creating digital solutions to transform the investment and asset management industry, is thriving. In 2016, wealthtech companies raised a record of US$796 mill...

News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

ICO and Cyber Security

The era of cryptocurrencies has brought new threats from hackers. Rapid development of the cryptocurrency market and the ICO market is accompanied by new ways of cyber attacks on user data. But unfortunately, many of the modern cyber security systems...