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News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

Liechtenstein Passes New Blockchain Regulation

The government of Liechtenstein has adopted what has been called the “Blockchain Act”, or more specifically the Report and Motion on the creation of a Law on Tokens and Trustworthy Technology Service Providers (Token and TT Service Provid...

News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

Top 11 Wealthtech Companies in Switzerland

Wealthtech, a segment of fintech referring to digital solutions transforming the investment and asset management, is thriving in Switzerland. With 75 companies, wealthtech is currently the second most crowded fintech segment in Switzerland, after cry...

News / Switzerland - 4 years ago

Tamedia is Acquiring a Stake the Banking Startup Neon

Having recently invested in the likes of Lykke and Monito, Tamedia continues their streak of fintech investments. The latest addition to their portfolio is Swiss fintech startup Neon. This string of investment seems to validate our picks for the hott...